UNESCO adds North Korea, Iranian sites to Heritage List

UNESCO added a group of sites in and around Kaesong, North Korea to the World Heritage List yesterday, citing their importance to “the transition from Buddhism to neo-Confucianism in East Asia and to the assimilation of the cultural spiritual and political values of the states that existed prior to Korea’s unification under the Koryo Dynasty.”

I’ve visited the area in and around the sites and will post a few photos below.



The Koryo Museum, located on the grounds of a palace complex just outside Kaesong. 

Kaesong - river winds through traditional buildings


Traditional area of Kaesong, now commonly used for restaurants.

Old men playing cards, Koryo Museum, Kaesong


Three old men enjoying a game of cards at a palace complex just outside of Kaesong, near the Koryo Museum.


An Iranian palace was also added to the list, but my only picture there is of the snow-covered grounds (yes, Tehran gets snow in the winter – there’s even a ski area on a mountain to the city’s north).

Tehran - Grounds of the Shahs' Palaces


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